Our Mission:

Reawakening individuals to their interconnections with themselves, the community, and the earth.

Our Vision:

Compassionate Human Culture


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14 Maple Leaf Farm Rd, 

Underhill, Vermont 05489

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About Us


ReTribe provides a wide range of programs that all help to guide youth and adults through the many transformations of life. Whether it be the small changes of childhood as our day campers learn to build fires, carve wood, and explore their imaginations in the woods, or the profound changes that the teens face on our Rites of Passage retreats as they find themselves, explore deep emotions, and experience the intensity of the Threshold experience - participants will come away from all our programs having grown and transformed, bringing them one step closer to the person that they hope to become. 







ReTribe was created as a response to the imbalances we see in the world in an attempt to foster a healthy culture that can help humanity move through this challenging time. 

We are an L3C, a social enterprise venture that has a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing income. We are a small organization with a dedication to providing our programs to people from all economic classes. We greatly appreciate donations as they enable us to offer our programs to those who can't afford them. ReTribe has a fiscal sponsor, The Strong Youth Foundation, which gives donors the option of making tax-deductible donations. 

ReTribe is more than just an educational organization, we are a community of people who want to live our lives in connection with each other and the earth. Many of our staff live cooperatively together year round. We grow most of our own food and spend our days doing what we can to help others heal, and find a positive and joyful way to contribute to our world. When we aren't running programming we try to create space for community by playing music in the local parks, and holding gatherings where we can share healthy food from our gardens. 

We are proud to offer our teens local, organic and whole foods on our retreats. Much of this food is grown by ReTribe Staff and teens in our beautiful gardens. See the bounty of our gardens in this slide show. 

Click here for a list of other local food producers who have donated to our teen retreats.