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From providing mediation for one conflict situation, to helping a class with bullying or exclusion, to providing offsite retreats for bonding and culture change, to implementing a schoolwide system of restorative practices and SEL education, ReTribe and her sister company, Social Harmony, have the time tested programming to fit your needs.


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Thank you so much for creating such an amazing weekend for these kids...  I so appreciate everything you brought to it, your thoughtfulness, your intentionality, your sense of fun and spirit. THANK YOU.


I didn't get a lot in the car home, they were all tired and I didn't want to press them. But the best thing was one girl who said that they got so much closer as a group. She said, "I didn't think we could get any closer, but we did." I asked why, and she said because I think we were sharing so much personal stuff. The rest agreed.


-Class mother of 8th grade class coming home from a ReTribe retreat designed to improve school culture