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ReTribe's Scholarship Fund

Keep our programs accessible to a variety of families, regardless of their ability to afford tuition. We can't accomplish this without you!
What We Do

We hold a safe space for 11-14 year old girls to; learn and ask questions about their changing bodies, about their sexuality, and about what it means for them to become a woman. We will create a space for girls to share deeply with one another and form close bonds with girls their age. These friendships can help carry them through the turbulent years of their adolescence. Our ReTribe mentors will provide information where needed and facilitate topics of discussion, bonding activities and rituals, including song, dance, and giggly cuddle piles.


Ages 11-14

Girls Afterschool Group

River House Yoga

Plainfield, VT

Tuesdays, 3:15-5:15pm

September 26-December 12, 2017 

ReTribe changed my life! It has helped me come to terms with who I am inside.

Being able to talk about personal stuff and not be judged.

The cuddle piles make me understand that not all touch is sexual.

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