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Forest School

Community Day

in Underhill

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Coyote top
What's Happening

This is an opportunity for families of both the Thursday and the Fridays programs to come get to know each other, help do some work projects on the land (building structures, collecting firewood, trail work, etc), play games, make music, share food, and spend time together enjoying the forest. 


For Thursday and Friday Forest School Families

and Alumni and Friends.

14 Maple Leaf Rd, Underhill VT

Saturday, October 5, 10am-2pm.


10- Gather at Drop off camp (the meadow by the road.)

10:15- Head into the forest camp

10:30- Work projects (collecting firewood and other work projects)

12:00- Gather for games

12:30- Forest School songs around the fire


1- Eat potluck lunch

2- Head out.

What to Bring
  • A potluck dish to share (preferably labeled with ingredients) with serving utensils

  • Work clothes

  • Wood cutting tools

  • Dishware for your whole family!

  • Water bottles

Directions and Parking


We will gather on NorthernShire Land:

14 Maple Leaf Rd,

Underhill VT


You can park in the big parking lot across from all the NorthernShire buildings. Walk north on Maple Leaf Rd away from Stevensville Rd, with the farmhouse to your right. Not far down the road you will see a big meadow with ferns. We will be at the back side of this meadow playing until 10:15am.


If you arrive late, you can follow the path through the woods that says "to the pond" and you will find us out there in the forest school camp under the tarps.  

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