Covid - 19 Updates

We are looking forward to beginning our forest school season and our commited to continuing to stay up to date on the pandemic to ensure that our programs are in compliance with guidelines and regulations while also offering participants a fun, wild and connective experience.

Please be in touch if you have any questions!


protocols for fall programming:

  • Communicate regularly with parents and participants with email about changes, updates, and announcements.

  • Morning health screenings every day including temperature check with a no touch thermometer.

  • Participants with signs of illness will be asked to go home

  • Designing our programming to support, and encouraging social distancing for staff and participants.

  • Staff will wear a face covering when they cannot socially distance from participants

  • Participants will wear face coverings during circle times and more spacious circle seating will be offered.

  • Hygiene practices including hand washing/sanitizing before and after meals and after using the bathroom, and additional cleaning practices with all shared spaces and equipment.

  • Personal belongings will be contained in separate spaces - no sharing of food or other personal items.

  • All staff will complete VOSHA training and receive written and verbal communication about complying with new COVID protocols.


Additional protocols for overnight programming:

  • Food served by select individuals wearing face coverings. Outside in spacious areas whenever possible.

  • All out of state participants require pre-screening and either two weeks of quarantine or one week of quarantine followed by a negative test result.

  • We have adapted programming to take place in outside spaces as much as possible or indoors with good ventilation and open windows.

  • Teens who are interested in camping are encouraged to do so.

  • Participants will sleep head to toe on bunk beds and avoid visiting other’s rooms.

  • Personal belongings in rooms will be kept in separate spaces.

  • Rooms will be kept orderly and have more regular cleaning.


Protocol if Someone Gets Sick for all camps:

  • We trust that all families have communicated any health concerns with us and those at high risk should not attend school.

  • We ask any participants who feel sick or if anyone in their home feels sick to stay home.

  • Anyone with symptoms (fever, cough, or runny nose) during camp will be brought to a separate area from other participants and staff (except for staff caring for them) and may be sent home.

  • Anyone with a temperature greater than 100.4 F must be sent home until they have had no fever for 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications (e.g., Advil, Tylenol).

If symptoms of COVID-19 occur at school:

  • Staff and participants who have had close contact with a person who has symptoms will be separated, and follow CDC guidance for community-related exposure including monitoring symptoms closely.

  • All families of participants will be notified

  • All surfaces and objects that that individual or anyone who came in contact with that individual came in contact with will be disinfected.

  • Participants who experienced COVID-19 symptoms cannot return to school until they have had a negative test result 

For Out of State participants:

With new guidance from the CDC, we are only asking participants in the high risk areas to do full quarantine.

If you are not in one of those areas you do not need to follow these guidelines even if you are outside Vermont.

Here is a map to see if you are in a low risk area. :

 If your area is the same or lower than Underhill, you don't need to follow these guidelines. If you are unsure, please reach out.


If you are in a higher risk area:

1. Please self quarantine at home for 2 weeks or 7 days followed by a negative test result.

2. Please take your temperature each day and record on paper and give to us on arrival.

3. Please do not make social stops on your way and take precautions if you stop at rest areas etc.


Below are the guidelines directly from CDC.

    • 14 DAYS AT HOME: Campers self-quarantine at home for 14 days before traveling to Vermont, provided they come directly to camp without making any stops along the way that could potentially expose them to the virus. (This option is not available to campers who fly to Vermont)

    • 7 DAYS AT HOME + NEGATIVE TEST RESULT: Campers self-quarantine for 7 days at home. Prior to departing for camp, they take a test for COVID-19 recognized by the State of Vermont and remain quarantined while they await the result. Timing is arranged so that they depart for camp within 24 hours of receiving a negative test result, and they come directly to camp without making any stops along the way that could potentially expose them to the virus. (This option is not available to campers who fly to Vermont).

  • Families must exercise extreme caution when bringing students to camp:

    • No more than one family member may travel with the camper;

    • No overnight accommodations will be available to families dropping campers off;


If you have concerns or questions about these policies or anything else please be in touch.

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