Earth Day Teen Retreat

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Stevensville Creek
Stevensville Creek

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April 20-22, 2022

NorthernShire, Underhill VT
Ages 13 - 19

As green life returns to the land, let's come together to celebrate life and our mother the Earth. This retreat, we are planning to focus on ways we can deepen our connection with the land.

Spring is such an exciting time, sap is flowing, buds are swelling, summer dreams are forming. How can we, as humans, live with earth in harmony and abundance? When we look around it seems we may have lost our way, but the path of our ancestors isn't far away.

Come connect with old friends and bring a friend to give them a taste of the ReTribe love on this three day community retreat.

Cost $375 Scholarships Available

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  • Talking circles

  • Hiking and exploring the land

  • Crafting

  • Cooking

  • Meditation & sit spots

  • Small Groups

  • Games

  • Music by the fire

  • Cuddle piles

  • and more...

To me ReTribe is community, love, and support that I never thought I could have, that I never thought was possible.