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Capital Campaign

Help us create a beautiful community meeting room in the barn on our new land!










ReTribe is at a pivotal place right now, as, after several years of looking, planning, and growing our programs, we have found a permanent home on 80 magical acres in Underhill, Vermont. In purchasing the property, which we expect to close on May 9, 2018, we have taken a giant leap of faith that our beloved community will support us more than ever during this transitional time. As exciting as it is, the purchase of the property is also a scary endeavor, as it is stretching us thin financially, and there is still a lot of work to do on the existing structures on the land before it is ready for the ReTribe community. There is a 7000sf barn on the land that will be completely renovated to make a beautiful gathering space for meditation, yoga, dances, workshops, and other community events. We will also build a commercial kitchen on the lower level of the barn. This is why we need to raise $200,000 within the next year. The renovation of this barn is essential to the continuation of our current programs, as well as to the planned expansion of our programs and new community events.

View of Mt. Mansfield from the swimming pond!

Once we are on the land and the facilities are ready for programs, we will be able to realize many of our ReTribe dreams. This meeting hall will be so useful to us and our community in so many ways. We will use the space for daily meditation and yoga practice; for our retreats; and to start our long awaited therapeutic boarding high school, which will fulfill a demand for alternative schooling in the regionAdditionally, members of the community can utilize this space to offer workshops and events, and we will host celebrations, dances, and arts and theater events here. 

Upper level of barn to be renovated to beautiful meditation, yoga, and event space. Think open space, wood floors, and big windows looking out to the mountains. We will knock down walls to open up 1500sf.

Our chef, Emily, in the doorway of the kitchen to be!

You, the ReTribe community members and enthusiasts, are a crucial piece of the puzzle for us to be able to continue doing the important work that we do for hundreds of youth in Vermont and beyond. We are calling on your support during this exciting, nerve-wracking, and long-awaited transition that will broaden and strengthen our community. Please donate what you can so that we may all benefit from the realization of the ReTribe vision. Ask us about naming opportunites. Think big; we are!

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3 Minute Video about our Teen Rites of Passage

Most spiritual life calls for times of sudden radical transformation brought about by powerful initiation and rites of passage. For modern young men and women this is a desperate need. If nothing is offered in the way of initiation to prove one’s entry into the world of men and women, it will be done unguided in the road or the street with cars at high speed, with drugs, with weapons. 
- Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., Psychologist and Buddhist teacher

Thank you for all that you do!

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