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Room per person per night: 35.00

Laundry: 11.00/load

 (609) 933-0877

14 Maple Leaf Farm Rd,

Underhill, Vermont 05489

Text or call questions to 

802 858-5316

or email to

When we receive your payment, we will send you a reservation email with lots of info in it.

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Welcome to ReTribe!

Please add up your costs (sorry we can't do it by computer!) and enter the amount into paypal by  CLICKING THE YELLOW BUY NOW BUTTON BELOW

35.00 plus 9% tax = 38.15 per person per day

Meal options may be available - please  inquire about that if you are interested. Otherwise, there is no fee for you to use the kitchen and cook yourselves.

11.00 per load of laundry

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