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Internal Family Systems Therapy

     Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model of psychotherapy that posits that we are born with a healthy core, known as Self, which we maintain throughout our lives. But in order to function in the world, we develop parts which help us deal with challenges that life brings us. ALL parts develop with positive intention. However, they may become arcane, or may actually be destructive to our system in their attempt to protect us from harm.

   In IFS psychotherapy, we embark on a journey of discovery to get to know all of our parts and help those that no longer serve us, or who serve us through 'negative' behavior and thought, to morph into healthier more adaptive modes of being.

    By integrating Breathwork and IFS we create a synergy through which parts that have been unknown may become known, and -- through the powerful insight provided in Breathwork's slight trance state -- parts that aren't serving us.




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