NorthernShire Venues

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Venue Rentals

Whether you are organizing a workshop or a wedding, no matter big or small, we invite you to rent the needed venue space here at NorthShire.

The amenities include:

  • event space: meeting room and dining hall

  • commercial kitchen with 6 burners, 2 bay sinks, a commercial fridge and dishes

  • accommodations:

    • private and multi-bed rooms ~ 20+ beds, you can rent as few as you need

    • camping ground

Of course, the main jewel is the beautiful land surrounding us, which you are welcome to enjoy while here.

Abundant parking is available as well.

Below are photos of some of the venues. 

Click here for the price list and the contract.

Please, contact us for more information and price list.

4-bed Dormitory
Event Space
Dining Space
Event and Dining Space
Private Dorm Room
Dormitory Hallway
Dormitory Bathroom
Stevensville Creek
The Playfield

Where we can play big field games, play volleyball and basket ball on the courts and where we can grow gardens to provide fresh produce for our community using regenerative agricultural methods.

The Pond

This pond flows into Stevensville creek and is great for swimming.

14 Maple Leaf Rd
Underhill, VT 05489

Come and join us!