New Programming

This list is to give you a sense of the types of events and workshops open to the community that we would like to host on our new land in addition to all of our regular educational programs and camps.


We will also likely be offering yoga and meditation classes daily as well as local/organic meals from our dining hall.



Seasonal Festivals


A Fall Equinox festival celebrating the harvest time with food, pumpkin carving, and other fall crafts.

A Winter Solstice gathering with a candle lit spiral walk and singing.

A Spring Equinox festival with planting of seeds and a sauna sweat.

Summer Solstice celebration with a bonfire and stories.

We will likely host at least one celebration in between all of these open to the community and including ceremonies, music, theater, crafts, fire, swimming, and more.



Wilderness skills workshops, such as

friction fires, shelter building, cordage, coal burning, basket weaving, wood carving, and more.

Parenting/Communication/Healing Workshops for Adults

Discipline, Parenting Teens, Nonviolent communication, Breathwork.




Other Community Gatherings

Other Community Gatherings could include:

Frisbee Games

Capture the Flag/Ninja the Flag (dressed in black at night)

Games with foam swords

Community Potlucks

Open Mic Nights

Elder’s Gathering- Sharing Circles Monthly