Valentine's Day 

Dance Party

What's Happening

Come Celebrate Valentine's day with all the friends that you love at our ReTribe dance party.

All are welcome - both ReTribe friends and friends who are coming to a ReTribe event for the first time. 

We will be celebrating this day of love but rather than focus on romantic love we will be focusing on the love we feel for all of our friends, family and beyond.

Feel free to get dressed up in whatever way makes you feel great!

So, prepare yourself for a night of hugs and wild dancing ReTribe style.


Teens ages 13-19

Saturday, Feb 16, 2019

7:00pm - 11:30pm

*optional you can spend the night for an additional cost, see Hostel box below.

The NorthernShire

14 Maple Leaf Farm Rd

Underhill, VT


5:00 Potluck dinner for those at the Teen Day

7:00  Party

11:30 Party ends

12:00- Anyone still here is considered sleeping over.

10:00 am Latest pickup time

    ($18 at the door)     
 Teen Day and Dance 
     together is $30       
What to Bring

Dress up!

Directions and Parking

Our new land is at 14 Maple Leaf Farm Rd, Underhill, VT 05489.


You can park in our lot and meet us in the downstairs of the big barn across the street.

ReTribe Hostel

Our ReTribe Hostel is open!

We have four bedrooms in the upper barn, with two bathrooms and a living room. There is a little kitchenette as well.

Cost to stay over is 35.00. (30.00 special rate for the Valentine's Dance)

Text 802 858-5316 or email us to reserve a room.

We have some requests to help us make The NorthernShire healthy and accessible for all.  

We appreciate if you:

-Don't idle your car anywhere on campus, helping to keep our air clean.

-Wear only natural/unscented products (meaning no products with Fragrances or Perfumes including fabric softeners. We have some community members with chemical senstivities. 

-Bring your own dishware to functions, and feel free to wash them in our kitchen. 

Thank you so much!

Things We Need

Here's a list of things we still need on the land. If you have any of these things let us know before you bring it over in case someone else has already offered. 

Single bed Bunk Beds!

Dining room tables/folding tables (bigger than card tables- the long ones)

Commercial pot hanging rack

Washer and dryer - 1 set small stackable

Single bed mattresses in good shape

Runner rugs for the long halls in the dorm

Nice Floor Rugs

A small wood stove for a cabin or sauna

Nice Standing Lamps

Single bed sheets, full bed sheets, 5 pillows, pillowcases

Good Condition Full Chest freezer


Clothing drying racks

Nice full bed futon couch frames

Folding chairs

outdoor furniture, chairs and benches

Bike Pump

Garden cart

Power tools

Wooden Pallets

Large pieces of canvas for shelter building

Corrugated metal roofing ( It doesn't need to be in good shape just able to keep things dry)

Construction staging

A beautiful donations box

x country and backcountry skis (youth and adult)


Metal and Wooden free standing Shelving

soup bowls (if you have a set of 10 or more)

Soup spoons

back jacks

snow blower

Thank you all so much! We are so grateful for our wonderful supportive community!