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Play Day


Everyone is invited!

Sunday Feb 9, 2019

12:00 - 4:00pm

The NorthernShire

14 Maple Leaf Farm Rd

Underhill, VT 05489

What's Happening

Come enjoy the winter season and play in the snow. We will sled and drink hot cocoa!

Maple leaf blog jumping at nite.JPG (1).

12:00 We will light the fire at noon with some songs and shared gratitude.


12:45  We will all choose our own adventure. Some people can hang by the fire and sing songs, tell stories and work on crafts. Others will go out on a hiking-tracking adventure, while others will go sledding.


4:00 We will come back together to share stories of our adventures and say farewell.

Things to Bring

Please Bring:
Your own sled if you have one. Warm clothes.

ReTribe Hostel

Our ReTribe Hostel is open!

We have four bedrooms in the upper barn, with two bathrooms and a living room. There is a little kitchenette as well.

Cost to stay over is 35.00.

Text 802 858-5316 to reserve a room.

Please note that the day before/after events if you'd like to tent on our land, that is fine. Let us know, and please use the bathrooms in the dining hall.

We have some requests to help us make The NorthernShire healthy and accessible for all.  

We appreciate if you:

-Don't idle your car anywhere on campus, helping to keep our air clean.

-Wear only natural/unscented products - meaning no products with Fragrances or Perfumes including fabric softeners. We have some community members with chemical sensitivities. 

-Bring your own dishware to functions, and feel free to wash them in our kitchen. 

Thank you so much!

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