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Wild Witches: Herbal Lore for Girls

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What We Do

Your coven of witches awaits in the wild woods of Willowell. Join us as we craft potions, explore the mysteries of the moon, and get to know our green plant friends growing all around! Young witches will have the opportunity to hone their craft as we dive into the magical world of Vermont flora and fungi.

Led by Potion masters Julia Shaw and Sophie, young witches will be led into an empowering and whimsical space full of song, storytelling, crafting, enchantment and intention.


Ages 10-14


Monkton, VT

July 9-13, 2018

9am - 3:00pm



Some Camp activities include:

  • Learning names and properties of local plants

  • Cooking food over the fire 

  • Making tea 

  • Singing

  • Storytelling

My daughter only had positive things to report at the end of the day. She loved learning about plants and making the creams and tea.

Double, double toil and trouble...
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