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Witchcraft and Wizardry: Plant magic of the land

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What We Do

Come join our coven of wizards and witches as we circle in the forests of Willowell to brew potions and learn our craft. We will explore the woods, tell stories, sing magical songs, play games, stir the cauldron and discover plants around the forest that we can use to craft our magic.

Led by witches Julia and Alexandra, masters of the herbal lore, young Magi’s will gain true knowledge of the herbs and plants growing around the woods of Vermont so they may continue to brew useful herbal potions for healing and a long life of fun.


Ages 8-12


Monkton, VT

July 30 - Aug 3

9am - 3:00pm


For the 4-7 year olds, see our Magical Forest Creatures camp the same week at Willowell.

Magical Forest Creatures Camp will be running at Willowell concurrently to this camp

For little brother or sister

Some Camp activities include:

  • Learning names and properties of local plants

  • Cooking food over the fire 

  • Making tea 

  • Singing

  • Storytelling

  • Games

  • Exploring the woods

Potion Making

"Thank you all for making my son's best experience of the entire summer!" 

Double, double toil and trouble...
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