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Youth Programs

Summer Day Camps

ages 4 - 12


9am - 3pm daily

Chipmunk Clan: ages 4 -7

Coyote Clan: ages 8 - 12


Orchard Valley Waldorf

East Montpelier, Vermont

June 17 - 19 (W - F)


Willowell Foundation

Monkton, Vermont

June 22 - 26 (M - F)

The Forest School Camp

Richmond, Vermont

June 29 - July 1​ (M - W)


Underhill, Vermont

August 17 - 21 (M - F)

Leave your ordinary life behind and enter the fantastical world of might and magic. Play awareness games, track animals, build forts, make fires and become a hero in an epic role play adventure. Befriend a magical elf, defend a majestic queen, or battle an evil sorcerer! We'll spend our days building fairy homes, making magic wands, hearing and telling stories, singing songs, cooking over fire, and exploring the woods, creek and magical worlds of our imaginations.

Forest School & After School

Ages 6 - 14

9am - 3pm

Thursdays in Underhill
Fridays in Richmond


Enrolling now for 2021

Fall Semester: September - December

Spring Semester: March - June

After School 3 - 5:30pm Thursdays in Underhill

Spend the day in the woods, engaged with community, land, and the seasons. Participate in activities such as nature study, wild play, team building, problem solving, earth connection, traditional living skills, and intrapersonal reflection.

Forest School complements the traditional school week by offering a nature-centered, spirited agenda guided by the interests and curiosity of participants. Also ideal for homeschoolers, offering a chance to connect deeply with peers, themselves, and the natural world.

Forest School is held in the beautiful woods of Underhill and Richmond where we enjoy the rolling hills and forests as well as the swamps and streams.

Coming of Age

Girls ages 11 - 14

3:30pm - 5pm

7 Mondays on Zoom

Begins April 20th

Join a small group of 11-14 year old girls on our zoom girls circle. We will create a space for girls to share deeply with one another and form close bonds with others their age. ReTribe founder and mentor Julia Hunt will provide information where needed and facilitate topics of discussion, bonding activities, songs, and sharing. 

We hold space for girls to learn and ask questions about changing bodies, sexuality, and about what it means for them to become a woman. Cost $120

Social Harmony

Social Harmony is a school based program for grades 1 through college designed to address social conflict —including bullying in a way that teaches, transforms, and uplifts all parties involved.

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