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Testimonials from College Students and Educators who participated in ReTribe Programming


“ReTribe brought out the child in each of us and the willingness to cut away our defenses, to reveal our deepest self, and share that with each other.”


“The opportunity to have experienced ReTribe’s breath work was one of the most rejuvenating experiences I have ever lived. It brought me back to the womb and released me into the Universe  as citizen for global change. I was inspired and touched. I connected with my inner self through my breath. It reminded me that I am alive and that I must be thankful."


"Retribe was a very transformative experience for me. While it was an intense self exploration and journey I felt comfortable and safe in the space that Julia and John provided for us. The experience brought new insights and ideas to my mind and I still find myself thinking about it, even months later. I highly recommend the ReTribe experience to everyone, in fact I think it is something probably everyone should try!"


“ReTribe has had an incredible impact on my life.  Not only did it redirect  me toward my life path, but it also opened up an entirely new pathway for me to connect with the Divine.”


“Retribe was a wonderful experience. The whole program was designed to connect the group in a more personal way and it truly succeeded. Retribe brings out the best in one's humanity.” 


“The ReTribe experience was other worldly for me.  Aside from my personal experience during the meditation, it was really beautiful to be a partner to someone else during their experience also. I felt as though I had weight in their life at that moment in time. It was a rewarding freshness coming out of the day and I have not felt the same since the workshop (in a positive way).  My love and thanks is sent out to the ReTribe staff who helped this come about.”



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