Job Openings

The ReTribe Forest School is seeking a mentor for our school day program on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Underhill and Fridays in Richmond, VT.

The position runs September -December and March -June. There may be additional work opportunities during our school break Jan-Feb.

25 hours per week starting at $15-18 per hour depending on credentials. 
There may be opportunities for additional hours in administrative work or additional programming.

At least 2 years of education experience required preferably with outdoor education and naturalist skills. Experience with group management, conflict resolution, music, theater, wilderness skills, crafts, being wild and goofy, and storytelling are all helpful. Please submit a resume.


Contact us if you would like to volunteer or apply to be staff with one of our programs. 

Mentors and Elders

Julia attended the Waldorf School of Princeton, NJ, pre-K-8th Grade. From 2011-2016 she taught movement as well as music to grades 1-8 and facilitated the Social Harmony program (working with students with behavioral and social difficulties and helping with class wide social conflict resolution)at the Orchard Valley Waldorf School, in East Montpelier, VT.  She co-started, and has been directing programs and running ReTribe for the past 10 years. Julia has been a staff member of the Wayfinder Experience, a fantasy roleplaying and improvisational theater camp for teens, for the past 14 years. She has been working with kids since 2000, She has directed theater programs for ages 7-17. She has been staff at the IBme (Inward Bound Mindfulness Education) teen meditation retreats in Virginia. She is certified in Integral Breath Therapy as well as Energy Medicine and she teaches yoga and leads Kirtan (Sanskrit Chanting).  She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2009 with a degree in Sociology and Music, with a focus on intentional community living. She is very passionate about helping children and teens to heal, grow, and transform, has a deep connection with nature, imagination, and magic and hopes to help facilitate youth to foster these connections, which already exist so powerfully within them.

Julia Hunt

John Hunt

John is a native of the green mountains of Vermont. Growing up on a dairy farm he has been enthralled with the natural world since childhood and has a passion for helping others strengthen their connection. He has studied with expert survivalists and trackers including Tom Brown and Susan Morse and has also done extensive research on his own through books and direct exploration.  For the past 10 years he has been mentoring youth of all ages in a wide variety of settings including summer camps, afterschool programs, and earth knowledge schools. He co-founded ReTribe 9 years ago from the great desire to bring more harmony into the human family. He has been working with the Walden Project, an alternative high school program in Monkton, VT for the past 9 years as a naturalist, is a ranger with The Little Forest People at the Omega Institute, and has been staff at iBme teen meditation retreats in Virginia. John is a poet and drummer, has a strong meditation practice, and because of his deep love of Gaia, he has a passion for, and understanding of, sustainability issues on both a worldwide and individual scale. He is certified in Integral Breath Therapy, Energy Medicine and Wilderness First Aid (SOLO), and was trained through The Mindfulness in Education Teacher Training from Daniel Rechtschaffen at the Omega Institute. He loves working with youth and helping them discover their unique and beautiful power.

Jane is a Licensed Professional Counselor in NJ, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in VT, and a Master's Level Breath Therapist on the faculty of Integration Concepts.  She has been in private practice since 2002. Jane specializes in Child Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology. Her book on the psychology of discipline - Kids: An Owners Manual - can be purchased on Amazon. She is a certified Imago Couples Therapist as well as a trainer in Social Harmony, a bullying prevention program for schools. She has been practicing meditation for 45 years. She has three wonderful grown children and two very cute grandchildren.  Jane has a private practice at NorthernShire here in Underhill, working with children, adolescents and their parents. 

Jane co-runs ReTribe's Shift Happens workshops for adults and the teen retreats. For additional info about Jane, click here to visit her personal website.

Jane Martin, LCMHC, LPC

Emily runs the kitchen on our ReTribe retreats where she joyfully cooks healthy meals along with teen participants. Emily has worked with young children in intimate family settings for 5 years as a nanny and as a Personal Care Assistant. Her work with children began in 2006 when she worked as a Teacher's Aide at The Children's Annex (now called The Center for Spectrum Services), a school for autistic children, in Kingston, NY. She grew up in Syracuse, NY and moved to Burlington, VT in 2005 to attend the University of Vermont, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources: Resource Ecology. During her last 2 years at UVM, Emily lived in a co-operative dorm, Slade Hall, which began a transformative life experience that led her to strongly value communal and sustainable living and supporting local foods, goods and services. In September 2013 Emily completed an Earth Activist Training at Prospect Rock Permaculture where she received her Permaculture Design Certification. She aspires to continue learning how to live in better harmony with the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Emily Tompkins

Teddy has worked with youth and teens in a variety of environments since he was a teenager. He spent six summers as a camp counselor in southern Indiana, taught environmental education on the coast of Maine, and apprenticed with a nature awareness school in central Vermont. An avid lover of weather, Teddy graduated from Valparaiso University with a degree in meteorology. He spent thousands of miles storm chasing across the great plains, performed NASA-funded atmospheric research in Japan, and also interned with an affordable housing non-profit in Moab, Utah, helping build strawbale houses. Currently, Teddy resides in Vermont, where he teaches ukulele classes and lessons, works at a food cooperative, and mentors at ReTribe’s Forest School, retreats, and various summer programs.

Teddy Pietrzak

Emily DiPaola has been working with kids and teens for all of her working career. She is a licensed K-6 teacher and is happy to be an encouraging support for others. She has eyes that look for opportunities to speak out for justice. Some things that make her feel really great are: riding bikes, cooking food, playing trumpet in bands, drinking coffee, sharing ideas, reading books, and being a part of the people and creations of the world. Interests include: massage, Reiki, yoga, writing, poetry and performing arts. Emily has been working with ReTribe teen retreats and day camps for the past 6 years and is excited to continue to bring her gifts to share with the youth.

Emily Dipaola

Based in Montpelier, Mukti (aka Chris Ellingwood) plays a number of roles in the world, including software consultant, inventor, entrepreneur, ecological scientist, EarthWalk nature mentor and teacher of Non-Violent Communication.   In 1998, Yogi Mukti took his first yoga asana class and in 2001 began his meditation practice. After completing over 5,000 hours of study and practice, he was given permission to teach by his teacher, Prem Prakash at the Green Mountain School of Yoga. His primary teaching interests are in yoga philosophy, lifestyle, meditation, mantra, and kirtan - all aimed towards transforming consciousness to be more loving. Mukti brings this ambition to ReTribe. He enjoys being part of helping teens grow and thrive so they can better become "beacons of love" in their homes and communities.

Yogi Mukti

Howard Moody

Howard is a faculty member of the Omega Institute for Holistic studies. In 1985 he co-founded The Adventure Game Theatre, featured on NPR and PBS, and has been teaching play, and team building workshops ever since.   Howard trained with the New Games Foundation, Project Adventure, and the Professional Play Leaders Association. He studied Original Play with Fred Donaldson. Howard has also been a consultant with the Disney Development project and Kidsports International. Working as a sports coach for many years, Howard deeply understands how to connect children, using play, to learn to work effectively as a team. Howard has adapted the Adventure Game Theater with Wayfinder and Valarie Paradiz to work with students on the Autism spectrum - particularly students with Aspergers syndrome. Play in its many forms is Howard's passion and his mission is to share the value and gifts that play has to offer to everyone. You can visit Howard's web site at



Supported by his grandfather, Colin studied religion at the University of Vermont.

He acts as the Camp Director for Red Rocks Nature Camp in South Burlington, where the kids learn to run like coyotes and deer. He has earned an EcoPsychology and Wilderness Leadership degree from Metta Earth Institute, Energy Medicine certified at UVM, Alchemical Healing at Esalen Institute, Ancient Living Skills at Roots School, and Reiki I certified. Over the years, Colin has supported: Standing Rock Water Protectors, Lake Champlain Sailing Center, Audobon Center, King St Youth Center, Edmunds Middle School, Christ the King, JJ Flynn, Howard Center, and others. Colin feels so grateful to work as a Mentor at ReTribe, not being able to imagine a more awesome Tribe of folks committed to the healing and change that he feels so strongly in his heart.

Colin Bradley

Ted is a licensed clinical social worker in N.C. He has been working with individuals, couples, families, and groups in private practice since 1995. He has a degree in mathematics from Vanderbilt University and a Masters in Social Work from New York University.

He has extensively trained in experiential modalities, including Holotropic Breathwork™, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Core Energetics, EMDR, Breath Therapy, and hypnotherapy. Ted also trains other therapists in many of these modalities. For additional information about Ted, click here to visit his website. He is excited to bring his work to ReTribe's Adult retreat in Vermont this Spring!

Ted Riskin, LCSW

Peter is a being on a quest for healing; the worlds healing and their own. They believe that play should be a learning, healing, teaching experience. But at the same time there are times and places when play is not the answer to "how do we heal best?". And for those times, there is no general answer. That being said, ReTribe is a place of healing. When they came to ReTribe as an adult, in a staffing role, it was a huge shift in Peter. As a staffer, Peter is primarily working with the game system. As an avid player of RPGs, whether live action or tabletop, Peter is the person all the kids come to with questions about the specifics of the game. They also help to write the game each year, taking a general framework that has been created, and adding depth and realism to it.
ReTribe is a wonderful container, and the honesty and openness with which it is held resonates deeply with Peter.
Peter is grateful to be welcomed back with such enthusiasm each year, and looks forward to each new adventure as it comes.
Let us play!

Peter Ferguson

Arantha is deeply committed to cultivating authentic, connected and reciprical relationships with all aspects of life on this amazing planet. She began camp counseling at the age of 15, where she grew up in Vermont, and that has been work that she has weaved in and out of ever since. She spent most of her life in alternative schools and learning programs that explored intersectionality and nourished the expression and artistic creation of all. She is very excited to be back home in Vermont after world travels and continuing her work with ReTribe.

Arantha Farrow

Colton is an avid adventurer spending his free time climbing and playing in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Colton moved to Vermont when he was 15 after falling in love with the blanket of trees and the soft snow.  Colton is a devoted land-based craft person who has been teaching earth skills for the last half decade to young kids and teens. Colton graduated from Sterling college in the fall 2017 where he worked and helped start a nature based program called 'Coyote Kids.'  Colton dreams of building and starting a nature based program in Rutland, Vermont to serve the community. Colton loves to garden and get his hands in the dirt in Rutland.  He helped start 2 community gardens sharing his passion and love of the land with kids and adults. Colton also worked at Rutland Mental Health Services with intellectually disabled individuals and groups to connect and grow food.

Colton Francis

Hannah is a Vermont native who grew up on the shores of the Lake Champlain Islands. She was immersed in the outdoors throughout her childhood and developed a love of nature, animals, and adventure early on. Currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, she works with cattle in veterinary research at NC State University where she also serves as a Wellness Ambassador, helping to promote personal resilience and community engagement. Hannah is a certified EMT, and on the side she works at a local EMS service and community clinic. At UVM, she earned degrees in Biology and Anthropology, and also ran track. She has spent time working with children as both an EMT and Personal Care Assistant, and with young adults as a track coach at UVM. She will be returning to her Vermont roots for her third summer with ReTribe's teen retreats helping care for the physical health of the teens as well as creating their costumes for the Adventure Game!

Hannah Sylvester

Chris Niedt

Enthralled with all things relating to the philosophy of play and the use of the imagination coupled with humor, Chris Niedt, a native New Jerseyan  likes promoting community building through trust, love and play. Having been subjected to a hard life at school and being the target of bullying for over a decade as a kid, he has overcome physical and emotional obstacles - always learning and growing day by day. He has been a camper and staff member of various camps for over 17 years, teaching anything from kickball to how to properly act as a monster in the woods. Introduced to spirituality at an early age, Chris has become well versed in various bodywork methods including Reiki and Reflexology. An avid meditator, Chris loves using the breath. Focusing on Pranayama (breath regulation), he is a certified instructor of yoga. His inner child shines well throughout his adulthood. 

Discipline through breath - Strength through stillness - Courage through Laughter - Love through play.

Emily Wasem is currently a student at the University of Vermont and has been exploring what the Green Mountains have to offer. She grew up in New Jersey where she attended the Waldorf School of Princeton for the majority of the formative years of her life. In her teens, she came across ReTribe by attending an Inner Journeys retreat and returned many times during her high school years. After moving to Vermont for school, she has been spending more time at ReTribe and getting involved in programs, learning to be a mentor, and living in community during the summers. She is excited to grow into her new role at ReTribe. As the youngest member of staff, she is helping to pave a path for many more teens to transition from participant to staff as they grow through these programs.

Emily Wasem

Caitlin Horigan

Caitlin Horigan has been a mentor in a wide variety of settings in numerous countries for more than 18 years. She is an advocate of self-directed education and anti-oppression changework.


Caitlin has facilitated place-based nature connection programming in the nonprofit sector, public schools, summer and after-school programs throughout the unceded territories of Wabanaki and Abenaki people.


She is on a journey of reconnecting with her ancestral lineages through deepening relationship with the skills and traditions of her ancestors and the people indigenous to the land she lives with now. Her introduction to tracking, bird language, plant medicine, shelter building, scout skills and off grid living began when she worked for the Maine Primitive Skills School in 2014.


In 2018 she began the multi year Wild Mind Training Program with Animas Institute and in 2019 she completed a graduate certificate in Ecopsychology through Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is also a Certified Forest Therapy Guide. Caitlin is committed to increasing the accessibility of programs she offers and continues to explore how to survive in a capitalist system while doing so.

Dave, a/k/a Dr. Chill,  is a private practice psychologist at the Volition Wellness Center in Skillman, New Jersey, where he works with teenagers and young adults. He is part of ReTribe's Social Harmony program for schools. Dave received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas, specializing in the areas of positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, and attachment. He has completed trainings in Integral Breathwork and maintains a Zen style meditation practice. Prior to becoming a therapist, he spent eight summers as a camp counselor. 

Dave Martin, Ph.D.

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