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Aerial View of the Land

Welcome Home!

This 80 acre parcel, at the foot of Mt. Mansfield, in Underhill, is home to ReTribe's many programs and offerings. With a pond and stream for swimming, acres of woods and meadows to explore, and beautiful gardens, NorthernShire is full of natural magic!

On the land we have a big Barn including the NorthernShire Retreat, a commercial kitchen, library, crafts room, community living spaces, and gathering space. There is also the Common House where our Community Living Program is housed, Jane's home, Julia, John, and Awasos's Farmhouse, a large garage, and the Health Center offices. With all this space, ReTribe is happy to welcome our community to come and play, eat, celebrate, and serve with us. 

The Barn
The Barn

This 6,908 sq ft barn gives us so much space for all our programming needs! The basement is set up with a large dining hall, commercial kitchen and bathrooms. The top floor has several separate rooms for office and housing rentals.

The Health Center
The Wellness Center

Many people currently rent office space here. Over time we hope to invite locals to offer their wellness services here, establishing this building as a community wellness center.

The Common House
The Common House

This building has 11 rooms. This is ample space for our community members as well as retreat participants.

The Pond
The Pond

This pond flows into Stevensville creek. Where else would we play watermelon waterpolo? Or take a dip on a hot Summer day?

John and Julia's House
John & Julia's House
Jane's House
Jane's House
Stevensville Creek
Stevensville Brooke

This beautiful creek where the children can explore and play, has clear waters flowing down from Mount Mansfield. 

The Playfield
The Playfield

Where we can play big field games, play volleyball and basketball on the courts, and grow gardens to provide fresh produce for our community using regenerative agricultural methods.

Map of the Buildings
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