14 Maple Leaf Rd, Underhill, VT

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The Dorm

This dorm building has 11 rooms. This is ample space for our residential high school students as well as retreat participants. This is where our Community Living Program is.

Our New Land!

This 80 acre parcel, at the foot of Mt Mansfield, in Underhill, is ReTribe's new home! With a pond, a creek, a barn, a dorm, and houses for Jane and Julia and John to live in, ReTribe can welcome all our beloved community to come and play with us, eat with us, celebrate and serve with us. 

We will be offering our current programming, as well as expanding our programming. Our vision is to create an alternative high school program, a hostel for hikers of Mount Mansfield, a wellness center, as well as various community gatherings such as meals and workshops.  

Jane now offers psychotherapy with an office in her home and there is plenty of space and opportunity for other community members to offer classes in yoga, art, music, healing arts or anything else they are passionate to bring.  

We recently got a permit for our commercial kitchen in the barn. We have started our ReTribe Community Program. And we are now offering office space in our Wellness Center. Forest School and Wild Woods Afterschool programs are here on Thursdays. And we have been welcoming many hikers and visitors to our hostel.

The Barn

This 6,908 sq ft barn gives us so much space for all our programming needs! The basement will be set up with a large dining hall, commercial kitchen and bathrooms. The top floor currently is set up with several separate rooms for offices, etc. We intend to knock out walls on the south side of the building to form a large meeting room space with vaulted ceilings, beautiful windows and wooden floors. The north side of the barn will remain classroom and office space.

We do not have the funds to create this community meeting space at this time, which is why we will be launching a capital campaign this fall and relying on community support to help us make this dream come true. 

This meeting hall will be so useful to us and our community in so many ways. We will use the space for daily meditation and yoga practice, for our retreats and our high school programming and for community workshops. Additionally, members of the community can utilize this space to offer workshops and events and we will host celebrations, dances, and arts and theater events here. 

The Pond

This pond flows into Stevensville creek. Where else would we play watermelon waterpolo? Or take a dip after a community sauna?




Jane's House

Just enough room for Gramma Jane to live and to have a psychotherapy office for private sessions.

Also a place for elder gatherings, to drink tea, to learn together what it means to be an elder, to hold the community in the light and sense its needs, and to support each other in this stage of life.


Stevensville Creek

This beautiful creek where the children can explore and play, has clear waters flowing down from Mount Mansfield. 

The Playfield

Where we can play big field games, play volleyball and basketball on the courts and where we can grow gardens to provide fresh produce for our community using regenerative agricultural methods.


John and Julia's house

Sometimes Julia and John need some alone time.  This old farmhouse is where they will have a home. 

The Modular Building

We hope in a few years to invite some of our friends who are in the medical fields to open a wellness center in this building. We are open to other possibilities for this space but for now we have no set plans.


14 Maple Leaf Rd, Underhill, VT 05489

Welcome Home!