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Summer Day Camps

Week 1: June 17 - 21, 2024 (M-F)
Week 2: June 24 - 28, 2024 (M-F)
Week 3: August 5 - 9, 2024 (M-F)

New Camp Theme: Seers, Scouts and Sprites (more info below)

Week 4: August 12 - 16, 2024 (M-F)
Week 5: August 19 - 23, 2024 (M-F)

Underhill, Vermont

The Forest School
Richmond, Vermont

July 15-July 19, 2024 (M-F)

9am - 3pm daily


Signs pointing to different areas on the land

Camp Details

Leave your ordinary life behind and enter the fantastical world of might and magic. Play awareness games, track animals, build forts, make fires and become a hero in an epic role play adventure. Befriend a magical elf, defend a majestic queen, or battle an evil sorcerer!

All three groups will join together for our final adventure as well as visiting each other throughout the camp week to share lunch, games, or other special times together.

Coyote Clan: Ages 8-12

The Coyotes will train with our foam swords, learning to battle with honor and playing games throughout the forest. We will practice our carving and fire making skills, making crafts with yarn and other natural materials, and trading them in our adventure trade village.

Fisher Cat Clan: Ages 6-8

The Fisher Cats will practice fire making skills, practice carving, build forts, make magic wands, share stories, sing songs, cook over fire, explore the woods and our magical adventure world!

Chipmunk Clan: Ages 5-6

The Chipmunks will build fairy houses, make magic wands and other crafts, play games, share stories, sing songs, cook over fire, and explore the woods, creek and magical worlds of our imaginations.


NorthernShire, Week 3: Seers, Scouts and Sprites

Join ReTribe's first specialty camp week. An adventure awaits! Come hone your skills of stealth and camouflage, explore the magical arts and learn from the mysteries of the wild. We will enjoy many of the ReTribe camp staples such as songs around the fire, games, carving and crafts, stories and adventures through the forest.
*Note for Coyote Clan, unlike our other camp weeks, this camp does not include foam sword battling but does include imaginative play and use of a magic system for role play adventuring.

My son did two weeks of Chipmunks Clan and I just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone at ReTribe. What you do is so special and important to me. I suspect it takes a lot of energy, creativity, and patience yet you make it look effortless and so fun. I admire and respect your work!

The Coyote Clan holding up foam swords in a circle, ready to battle


  • Carving swords and magic wands

  • Awareness games

  • Cooking food over the fire 

  • Rope making with natural fibers

  • Hiking and exploring the woods

  • Dueling with foam swords

  • Making music

Nature Education

Cooking Together

A mentor teaches a group of kids minks at day camp

Nature Crafting

Sawing fire wood
Roasting snacks over the camp fire

Magical Adventures

A mentor dressed in a wizard's robe leads a girl on a magical adventure
Venturing in the large fields

"I can not express enough gratitude to your program for existing and welcoming young individuals of diverse needs."

"Thank you all for making my son's best experience of the entire summer!" 

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