Willowell Foundation (contact for waitlist)

Monkton, Vermont

June 22 - 26 (M - F)

Chipmunk $275

Coyote $300

Mountain River School

Morristown, Vermont

July 27-31 (M-F)

Coyote Clan Only (ages 7-12)



Underhill, Vermont

August 17 - 21 (M - F)


Camp Details


9am - 3pm daily

Chipmunk Clan: ages 4 -7

Coyote Clan: ages 8 - 12


Leave your ordinary life behind and enter the fantastical world of might and magic. Play awareness games, track animals, build forts, make fires and become a hero in an epic role play adventure. Befriend a magical elf, defend a majestic queen, or battle an evil sorcerer! We'll spend our days building fairy homes, making magic wands, hearing and telling stories, singing songs, cooking over fire, and exploring the woods, creek and magical worlds of our imaginations. Chipmunks join the Coyotes for morning songs as well as stories around the fire at lunch, and play a part in the fantasy adventure world. They also create a camp of their own in the forest where they can enjoy games and activities that are age appropriate.​

"Thank you all for making my son's best experience of the entire summer!" 

Orchard Valley Waldorf

East Montpelier, Vermont

June 17 - 19 (W - F)


The Forest School

Richmond, Vermont

June 29 - July 1 (M - W)



  • Carving swords and magic wands

  • Awareness games

  • Cooking food over the fire 

  • Rope making with natural fibers

  • Hiking and exploring the woods

  • Dueling with foam swords

  • Making music

Nature Education

Nature Crafting

Magical Adventures

Cooking Together

Is my PB & J done yet?

Fun and Games

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