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Nonviolent Communication

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NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and Conflict Resolution

3 Part Online Series


Ages 14+
Tuesdays: April 28th, May 5th and 12th, 2020
Do you sometimes feel torn between the impossible choices of stuffing your anger and ignoring your own needs, or speaking up for yourself and facing the anger of someone else? Nonviolent Communication is a four step process to help you express and honor your own needs in a way that holds the least probability of triggering the other person. This way of speaking also informs our way of thinking - moving us from focusing on ideas about who is right or wrong, or good or bad, and instead, focusing on what needs people are trying to meet, and how we can work together to find strategies that meet everyone's needs. For parenting, this way of speaking makes sure to protect the child's self esteem, while still giving them the behavioral correction they need to grow well in our society.
And when turned inward; when our self talk can become more compassionate, we experience more non-judgement, self acceptance, confidence, and ability to love others.
"Why they teach calculus and the principle exports of Peru in school, when you need that information pretty much never, instead of Nonviolent Communication, which you need EVERY DAY, is beyond me." - Jane Martin, psychotherapist.
30.00/session. May be covered by medicaid or BCBS, or if you have out of network benefits with any other insurance company.
We will participate in a variety of games and processes to learn the concepts of nonviolent communication, and then move on to applying them to mediate conflict for others.
Practice sessions will be challenging and hilarious. This will be a space to learn and make mistakes.
Can't make it this time?
We'd love to hear from you if you have an interest in NVC.
We are interested in offering
bi-weekly practice sessions.​
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