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Community Living Program


Community Living Program Intention: 

We co-create a home to grow, celebrate, and connect with each other, ourselves, the earth, magic, and mystery.

ReTribe’s Core Principal Values : 

  1. A willingness to work through conflicts when they arise

  2. Living sustainably: always leaving a space and a community nicer than when you found it 

  3. Inclusivity

Intentional Community Living

Our program offers the opportunity for young adults and adults to come learn, first hand, community living skills such as Conscious Communication, chore sharing, cooperative decision making, conflict resolution skills, Holocratic management, and more. We hold monthly 2-hour meetings to discuss community matters and make decisions.


Personal Healing

The ReTribe Community enjoys engaging in healing practices such as Breathwork, small groups, yoga and more. Program participants are offered the opportunity to participate in ReTribe workshops and retreats that are open to the wider community. Program facilitators, Jane, John, and Julia hold a once a month meeting that we ask participants to attend to offer guidance in personal growth and healing as well as space for connection through various activities. Additionally, some current community members enjoy holding space for asana, kirtan, and other music-making. Your offerings are welcome!

We are all on a continual path of healing, breaking apart, and building back. Harmonious community living is a co-creative process where each member balances supporting the growth of others and the community as a whole with their individual transformation. Thus, the community living program is looking for new members who are assured enough in their path to live in shifting equilibrium between giving and receiving. Giving and receiving in realms as far reaching as self-love, food sharing, listening, cleaning, play, or supporting ecology. If you are in need of acute community healing, the Shift Happens retreat and Breathwork workshops may be better suited to your needs than the Community Living Program.

Organic Gardening

Join us in creating a beautiful homestead using permaculture principles. We have two large gardens and many fruit trees going that continue to nurture the land more and more. There is space for CLP participants to experiment and learn as they grow their own gardens. There are also opportunities to learn permaculture and garden principles as you work on projects such as mushroom log inoculation, tree plantings and pruning, biochar burning, and more alongside ReTribe founder, John Hunt, as he tends the gardens and land. 

Personal Projects

Many participants choose to take time to work on a personal project, such as writing, nature crafting, academic study, etc. The quiet but supportive atmosphere of ReTribe Community is the perfect place to focus on your own creations.


ReTribe has 10 years of experience in communal healthy cooking. Using produce from our gardens, and locally sourced ingredients, we create an amazing array of food choices for our retreats. CLP participants have the option to enjoy Tuesday Night Dinners, where cook crews take turns making a big meal for the group. More spontaneous co-creations in the kitchen happen frequently! Past CLP participants built an outdoor kitchen that we use in the warmer months, and we hope to enhance it with a cobb oven in the near future.

Outdoor Skills

Our 80 acres of land, with a pond and stream, is the perfect place to learn wilderness skills. From tracking, to basket making, to friction fire-making, learn skills that inspire you to live off the land. Participants can use our land to do wilderness solos, as well as cross-country skiing and hiking on the Long Trail.


While ReTribe teaches no specific religion or spiritual tradition, we do bring an eclectic mix of spiritual practices from Mindfulness meditation, to yoga and kirtan, to Integral studies. Anyone in the community is welcome to lead activities such as meditation practice, drum circles, sanskrit chanting, asana practice and more.


Connect with other like-minded adults and feel the sense of belonging and love that comes with living in community. We gather frequently to share food, have movie nights with our big projector, drum and sing by the campfire, celebrate birthdays and holidays together and enjoy the beautiful land. We have weekly saunas on Sundays, where we often share gratitude and songs. We sauna twice a week during Winter months. We also have regular activities led by community members - crafting nights, game nights, music nights, skill shares and more. Some CLP Participants are staff at Retribe's youth and teen programs. If other participants are interested they may visit or volunteer at certain programs.


Each program participant is asked to take time each week to contribute to the cleanliness and orderliness of our home. Additionally, we ask each program participant to do 4 hours of service per month by taking on responsibilities and roles that we agree to fulfill (ex. getting the mail, member of maintenance crew, doing work out on the land). When we meet our basic needs of good food, shelter, connection, belonging and learning, our higher level needs, such as the need for contribution, become salient. ReTribe offers a vibrant channel to give your gifts to others in service and help uplift our world.


This program has rolling admissions, depending on room availability, and requires an interview process after applying. 

We're eager to read your application - please fill one out below.

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people, even those in deep distress, and perhaps help them find self-confidence and inner healing.”

Jean Vanier, Community And Growth

The Barn
The Common House
This 6,908 sq ft barn is set up with a large dining hall, commercial kitchen and bathrooms. ReTribe Community Living participants have their own cupboards and fridge space, but will use the stove, etc. in the commercial kitchen. The top floor of the barn houses community program participants as well as our craft room, library, and Air Bnb.
The Common House has 11 rooms. The rooms are spacious with closet space. Each floor (with 5/6 rooms) has a communal bathroom with 2 toilets, 2 showers, and 3 sinks.  The lounge and porch provide a cozy hangout space to connect with your friends.

Hey there lovely ReTribe people!

      I love getting your email newsletters, I have such fond memories of the winter I spent with you all. Your sacred land lives in my heart. Many blessings for the continued unfoldment of your amazing endeavor!



The Playfield

Play big field games, volleyball, or basketball
on the courts.

The pond flows into
Stevensville Creek and is great for swimming!

The Pond

The Pond

Stevensville Creek offers many peaceful spots to rest and listen to the bubbling water

Connect • Learn • Heal • Serve • Celebrate

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