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Health Center Offices

Office Building

We have office rentals available. Our long term intention for this building is to have a holistic health clinic with healing arts practitioners sharing the space. Right now we are open to renting the rooms to any like-minded individuals looking for creative work space.
Because of the ReTribe programming being held on this land, we have quite a bit of traffic which can feed your business. There are families dropping off and picking up their children from Forest School and camps, people coming to eat in our dining hall, to do transformational programming, yoga, meditation, etc.
The building has 10 rooms, a bathroom, a foyer/waiting room, a shared room that can be used as a conference room or living room area and a small kitchenette. 

The rooms are varied in size making the rental price range from $200-400 per room per month including utilities. Ample parking available.


Call or text Jane at (802) 309-5256 for more information.

The Playfield

The Playfield

Where we play big field games, play volleyball and basketball on the courts and grow gardens to provide fresh produce for our community using regenerative agricultural methods.

The Pond

This pond flows into Stevensville creek and is great for swimming.

The Pond
Stevensville Brook

Stevensville Creek

The Buildings
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