Our Mission:

Reawakening individuals to their interconnections with themselves, the community, and the earth.

Our Vision:

Compassionate Human Culture


 (609) 933-0877

14 Maple Leaf Farm Rd, 

Underhill, Vermont 05489

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Upcoming Events

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The Forest School

Thursdays in Underhill at NorthernShire, and Fridays in Richmond

March 2020

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After School Program in Underhill at NorthernShire

Thursdays, March 2020. Register Now!

Clothing Swap

Sunday, March 15

Breathwork Workshop-

Sunday, March 22-Cancelled due to COVID 19. See Shift Happens retreat to register for the four day retreat or just for the Breathwork day, May 18.

Forest School Open House Days

May 7 and 8

Hide Tanning Workshop

May 9 and 10, info forthcoming

Shift Happens Adult Healing Retreat

May 16-19 with optional day 20th

Community Work and Play Day

Saturday, June 13, info forthcoming

Coyote Clan at Orchard Valley

June 17-19

Coyote Clan at Willowell

June 22-26

Coyote Clan at Richmond Forest School

June 29-July 1

Inner Journeys- Teen Retreat

July 5-18

Wild Mountain Time-Young Adult Wilderness Retreat

July 20-25

Adventure Game Theater- Teen Retreat

August 8-15

Coyote Clan at NorthernShire

August 17-21