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Retreat & Event Rentals

Whether you're organizing a workshop or a family gathering,
we invite you to consider the variety of venue spaces available at ReTribe.

The main jewel is the beautiful land surrounding us, which you are welcome to enjoy while here.

Text or call Jane at (802) 309-5256 to inquire about reservations.


Event spaces

Meeting room

Dining hall

Commercial kitchen with 6 burners, 3 bay sinks,

commercial fridge, and tableware


Private and dorm-style rooms (25 beds)

Camping allowed on site

Abundant parking

The Buildings

The Barn

The Common House

The Land

The Playfield is a large open grassy space for gathering and playing games

The Playfield

Play big field games, volleyball, or basketball on the courts.

The Pond

The pond flows into Stevensville Creek and is great for swimming!

The Pond is perfect for swimming, ice skating and taking in the mountain view
The pond reflecting Mount Mansfield and a blue sky
Teens play and swim in the pond in the summertime
Visit Stevensville Brook to cool off with a nice dip

Stevensville Creek offers many peaceful spots to listen to the bubbling water

The bubbling Stevensville brook runs through the forest
Sunlight peaks through trees along our network of trails in the woods
A sunny swimming spot in the river

The Gardens

ReTribe maintains beautiful vegetable and flower gardens and outdoor seating around the buildings

Colorful trees in Fall at the forest's edge
The gardens around our buildings are full of flowers
Flowers in the garden
A snowy photo of our barn with a hand-painted welcome sign

The Forest

The land is graced with 80 acres of hilly forest and magical trails

A view of Mount Mansfield in the snowy forest near our Celebration Fire Circle
White pines stand tall in the forest
Colorful trees
The snowy landscape at NorthernShire

Fire Circles

There are two large and one small fire circle with benches around the land

Teens sit around a  bon fire at a teen retreat at the Sunset Fire Circle in the woods

Infrastructure Map

Map of the buildings on the NorthernShire land
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