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Wild Woods Afterschool

Children playing in the woods

Wild Woods Afterschool


Ages 6 - 13

3 - 5:30pm

Mondays & Thursdays in Underhill

You can register for one day or for both days


No Afterschool during Spring Break

School break dates are provisional and may be updated when we receive the district calendar.

Bus drop off provided by Jericho Elementary and Underhill Central.

Tuition is $525/year for one day

Come join us in the forest after school to explore the woods, play games, make fires and crafts, and go on magical adventures.​

Wild Woods Afterschool is held in the beautiful woods of Underhill where we enjoy

the rolling hills and forests as well as our brook and pond. 

Daily Rhythm

The Structure of the day is very flexible at Afterschool as we have a lot of children coming from public school and need an outbreath of freedom and exploration.

The general schedule is something like this:

3pm: Arrival and Free play as well as tag games and other animal games in the meadow and woods.

3:45pm: Head into woods camp, cut wood, collect wood, build a fire, sing some songs and eat snack around the fire.

4:15pm: Activity Options which could include:

  • craft by the fire such as carving

  • play running/sneaking games

  • hike or adventure to a cool spot like the pond or upstream and explore there

  • "adventure village" where they have characters in a fantasy world and trade things they've crafted or found

5:15pm: Gather belongings and head out.

5:30pm: Pick up.

"We are so grateful our child has a place to grow. He comes back transformed and I am forever grateful for this gift."

Three children roasting food over the fire
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