NorthernShire Hostel

1.1 Miles off Mt Mansfield and the Long Trail


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415 942-4446

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NorthernShire Hostel is located 1.1 miles off the Long Trail from the Butler Lodge on Mt. Mansfield in Underhill, Vermont. We are a community on 80 acres, with a pond, stream, garden, and many buildings. Guests are invited to stay in our hostel space in our large renovated barn, to use our laundry, to use our small community hostel kitchenette, and to deliver parcels to us to hold for you.


We have a private room with a queen, a private room with a twin bed and a desk, and three bedrooms with two bunkbeds. There's a little living room, and two bathrooms. There's also a kitchenette.

See our events page to find out what's happening at our land.

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Laundry Facilities

Laundry is available if you need it, but the machines are in some peoples' residence. If your clothing doesn't have synthetic fragrances (fabric softener for instance) on them, we will wash your laundry for you for 11.00/load which includes wash/dry/soap. 

We have drying racks and places to dry/air out all your things.

PLEASE no perfumed products or fabric softeners! Some of us are chemically sensitive.


Wild Rose
Private Room with a double bed
Yarrow Room:
4-bed Dorm
4-bed Dorm
Daylily Room:
Private room with a single bed and a desk
4-bed Dorm


Dandelion Room:
4-bed Dorm
4-bed Dorm
Fern Room:
4-bed Dorm
4-bed Dorm



Common Area
Stevensville Brook
The Playfield

Where we can play big field games, play volleyball and basket ball on the courts and where we can grow gardens to provide fresh produce for our community using regenerative agricultural methods.

Trail Map

Click here for a trail map.

Find Butler Lodge, directly across from Stowe, and we are 1 mile west. Zoom in at Stevensville and you'll see the ReTribe Hiker Hostel listed.

Our Vermont

Meals and Rooms Tax LIcense Number is


Hiking Trails

There are multiple hikes available in the area, for all levels of skill. Below are some suggestions.


If you are seeking easy hikes, check out trails at Mills River State Park


For moderate level hikes, look into:


For the hikes that are hard or technical, we recommend:


Visit the Green Mountain Club map store to see the complete catalog of digital maps for purchase.


Have your packages shipped to: 

Your name c/o ReTribe

14 Maple Leaf Farm Rd

Underhill, VT 05489

Directions to ReTribe

To find ReTribe, go to the Butler Lodge Trailhead, on Mt Mansfield in Underhill, VT, (across from Stowe) and walk west on Stevensville Road for 1.1 miles. You will see ReTribe on your right.

Text us at 802 858-5316 to let us know you are coming so we can meet you. 

Property Map
14 Maple Leaf Rd
Underhill, VT 05489

Come and join us!