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Thoughts from the Teens

Teen Testimonials

What did you like best about ReTribe?

The best thing for me was the vision I had in breathwork!     I will pay attention to it all my life.
I loved the trance dance and breathwork and partying.
It was all goooood!
I liked cuddle time.
I liked the sweat lodge and all the spiritual aspects.

I loved capture the flag with swords, and ninja the flag.
I liked small group, the trust games, and improv theater.
It was all naturey.

I'm not a big fan of meditating or sit spots, but I can see why they are good to do.

     I liked the breathwork.
Cinnamon ice cream.
I liked being treated maturely.

What is one thing you learned here and will implement in your life?
It made me feel more comfortable with myself and feel less heavy.
It made me patient. 
I can be alone and feel okay.
Connecting with people and making eye contact. 
Wilderness skills.
The people I met and the skills I was taught will be with me forever.
To stick to my word, and that natural is best. (No need for makeup to make me feel beautiful)
The love and honesty and connection between everyone and ourselves. 
Thank you! I feel more brave and open. 
I found out that some people aren't completely horrible.
I learned about my impact on others.
It gave me lifelong friends and so much support I can now rely on.
That I'm not what my family thinks I am.
I’ve changed. I’ve learned things about myself and have been provided with guidance that I will use. I’ve learned I’m not responsible for meeting the expectations of others. 
I’ve learned to deal with fear better. What helped me was the openness, the love and the healing. 
I’ve learned to not be so down on myself. 
It will help me try to understand people better for who they are. 
Thank you for helping me smile again.

How would you explain what helped you on this retreat to your peers?
The support and understanding.
The people and connection.
The comfortable silence and openness.


Teen Complaints
Everything was perfect, except maybe have more partying Saturday Night.
Have it two weeks long!
More jelly for sandwiches.

Playing with Mud
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